Dr Nigel Greer RF/Analog IC Designer

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I have used various CAD environments over the years, but in more recent times this has been excusively Cadence Artist:

  • Composer for schematic capture
  • SpectreRF for simulation
  • VirtuosoXL for layout.
  • In the course of design work I use Ocean/Skill to automate simulations, Verilog for the design of digital circuits and C/C++ for discrete time system simulations and levelplan analysis.

    Using PHP and MySQL I have written several scripts which have proved useful in both design and project management:

    Project intranet site
    Centralises documentation. Facilitates communication within the project team and between company sites. Includes: project plan, document upload area with classification by activity (design, evaluation, system, etc), links to other project scripts (levelplan, check matrix,... ).
    Circuit specification and lab result database
    Allows different documents (product spec, feature list, spec vs measurement tables) to be generated automatically from a common source of information.
    Design review check matrix
    Stores a checklist for each circuit block and the answers/actions that were recorded during design review. A color-coded matrix summary chart ensures that no design review actions are forgotten before tapeout.
    Simulation result database
    Often an Ocean simulation with a large number of parametric variations and output variables generates a quantity of data that is unmanageable using a standard spreadsheet program. This PHP/MySQL tool solves the problem by allowing required data to be selected using an interactive menu and then plotting it within the navigator or exporting it to a simplified ASCII file.
    Verilog module editor
    Programming environment that allows a database of expressions to be viewed, searched and edited; and then outputs the Verilog in a text file with automatic generation of port list, variable declaration etc.